E c l i p s e

Rank #1 on google?

Not so fast! SEO takes 3-6 months for you to see results.

Is that something you're comfortable with?

If not - we have an alternative method where you can get sales quickly.

Who IS SEO For?

SEO is for businesses that already have traction. They usually have 1-2 sales channel nearly maxxed out and are looking for ways to expand their outreach through a mixture of content strategy and SEO.

You only see results if you are in the Top 3 of Google.

Have you ever scrolled past the 5th result? Probably not.

It takes on average 3-6 months in order to get to the Top 3. Most businesses will go out of business if they get 0 sales for 3-6 months while burning cash paying for our services.

That's why SEO is only for businesses with traction.

We're just being 100% honest with you.

Don't Start SEO If This Is you

SEO is not for everyone.

Imagine you're a new business with no traffic source and you want SEO.

We tell you that you can rank #1 on Google but you must wait 3-6 months.

Would you do it? Absolutely not!

You'll go out of business before you start getting traction.

A lot of these unethical marketing agencies do that and many people have been burned in the past hence why SEO has a bad reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don't. If you're a new business under $10K a month revenue, we truly believe you should be putting in sweat equity.

We've generated over 6.7 million dollars through SEO. The reason why we were able to generate so much is because we know who would best benefit from it and who wouldn't.

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